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Software Advice

There are a lot of different software choices out there and picking the wrong one can waste a lot of time and money, for individuals and company’s alike. DIT Consultancy have over 15 years experience working with different types of software and we can find you the right match for your business.

With no pushy salesman or targets to meet, our advice is customer focused with the sole intention of helping you find the right solution to fit  your business needs. We are not one of those suppliers who ‘pile goods high and sell them cheap’, DIT have technically qualified & experienced people on hand to spend time ensuring you choose wisely.

Software Supply

DIT Consultancy partner with some of the biggest names in the industry, allowing us to provide the very latest and most reliable software available. We can supply software to suit a wide range of sectors including Operating Systems, Anti-Virus, Office, Finance and Server software. Multi-user licenses are normally available with software purchases, allowing us to tailor the application to suit individuals and growing companies.

Software Installation and Configuration

With the amount of different computer operating systems out there, installing and configuring your new software might get a little bit frustrating if you choose the wrong setting or accidentally install it in the wrong folder. Thankfully, with DIT Consultancy we offer the option to have your software professionally installed and configured across all of your computers, saving you time and letting you get on with running your business.

Software Support & Training

The high level of customer service offered by DIT Consultancy does not end at the installation stage, we can also assist you with updates and training in order to ensure you and your business get the most out of your software.

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